The Bridge 3.8

The Bridge 3.8


I hope this issue of The Bridge finds you well during these challenging and unprecedented times. 

Virtual City of Bridges

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on schools, communities, and people across the country including here in the Pittsburgh region. It was clear to the COB community that school closures were inevitable, so we were largely prepared when the decision came from the Governor to close physical school buildings.  City of Bridges made the transition to Virtual City of Bridges and overall it has been a very successful shift. 

At City of Bridges, we believe that people learn best by doing, especially when they are able to do real work with real professionals. Even as our physical school is closed, we are staying true to our values. 

Our students are exploring food systems, learning about anatomy, holding virtual meetings with screenwriters, magazine editors, photojournalists, historians, animal rescue non-profits Executive Directors, and other practitioners. They are learning to make focaccia, playing chess, and writing business plans. They are giving each other feedback in Writer’s Workshops, moving every day in our Movement class and laughing every morning in our virtual Morning Meeting. 

City of Bridges believes in personalized and transformational learning. It is what we do when we are all together in physical school and when we are all together in virtual school. No matter where our students are, we collaborate to design learning opportunities that are personalized, creative, collaborative, and meaningful. 

It is an honor to be a part of this community, we will continue to reflect, refresh, and refine our Virtual City of Bridges model until we are back together in our physical space again.

Universal Hospitality and Inspiration

City of Bridges has always been committed to the Universal Hospitality model of community. This means that although we are a private school, income is never a barrier for any family or student who wants to be a member of the City of Bridges family. This commitment requires us to continually seek means to support the operation of this learning community.  This is especially true now, with the impacts of economic uncertainty brought about by the pandemic that has put strains on the budgets of many of our families. 

Therefore, City of Bridges is excited to launch The Gene Ebert Bartlett Jr. and Jean Soule Kenyon Bartlett Memorial Scholarship Fund. The full announcement is attached to this issue of The Bridge and can be found on our webpage. This fund honors the legacy of Gene and Jeannie, in the best way that we can, by supporting scholarships to ensure that every young person can have access to an education that not only prepares them for the work of the world but also prepares them to make the world a better place. 

Caring for Our Selves and Our Community

These past weeks and the weeks to come are full of uncertainty, and will likely bring losses and changes to our communities, families, and lives. These realities inevitably bring stress and anxiety for people of all ages in our City of Bridges community. We may experience fear for ourselves and for our loved ones, fear for the impact of the virus, and fear for the impact of the changes to what we have come to expect for our lives. These challenges are only exacerbated by the fact that most of us are now confined to our homes, maybe with our families, but unable to see and be with our larger community. 

One of the most important things that we have done at Virtual City of Bridges is to hold our daily live Morning Meeting, where we are able to see everyone and hear how they are doing. We tell a few jokes, laugh, greet each other and tell a story or two.  

Take a look around your communities, and find someone to reach out to, tell a few jokes with, laugh, greet or tell a story or two. If you need someone to connect with, we are here and would be happy to talk to you.

Take Care and Stay Safe,


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