The Bridge 3.7

The Bridge 3.7


Welcome to the February edition of The Bridge! We have reached the half-way point in our year as Block 4 has come to a glorious close and Block 5 is getting underway this week. We are in the middle of our winter internships and are thinking about and planning our final expedition week. 

As I reflect back on the first half of the year, I am so proud and excited by everything that we have accomplished as a learning community. I will always remember the very first day of this school, sitting outside to greet the students as they arrived, and sharing our excitement and, of course, some nervousness as well. 

City of Bridges is a living example that a high school can listen to young people, provide them with agency and voice, while also offering guidance, learning experiences and mentorship to help them bring to life their visions for their futures. On Monday, we reflected on our winter internships.  Students have learned a great deal, not only about the professional worlds where they are spending their Friday afternoons but also about themselves. 

They are discovering what type of attorney they would like to be and what aspects of practicing law are less appealing.

They are discovering the behind the scenes world of a major clothing company.

They are discovering the preparation, hustle, and excitement of work in a fine-dining kitchen.

They are discovering the efforts that a modern art museum puts into maintaining its community and educating the next generation of artists. 

They are discovering themselves and exploring the question: “How might I build a purposeful future for myself?”

We are learning and working hard, and we are also having a lot of fun… you can see here.

We are also looking towards the coming school year and the students who will join us for the 2020-2021 school year. As City of Bridges supporters, please reach out if you know a teen for whom City of Bridges would be a great fit, as the spaces in our incoming class will fill!

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