The Bridge 3.5


The school year continues to move forward at City of Bridges High School! Our first round of internships has ended and we are planning for the next round that will begin in January. Most importantly, our community continues to grow! We had our first annual Community Gratitude Pot-Luck last week. We had parents, students, teachers, practitioners, internship mentors, and family members share a meal and get to know each other. Our students are learning and our community is genuine and dedicated to making a difference in the region.

Past issues of The Bridge have shared our successes, adventures, and laughter. We are active on social media and would love for you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get real-time experiences of City of Bridges. We are looking forward to students taking over our social media accounts in the coming months. 

There are several ways that you can continue to support City of Bridges, and we hope you will.

Giving Tuesday

This Tuesday, December 3rd, is Giving Tuesday, a global movement to support non-profits and organizations making a difference in the world. We know that City of Bridges is making a difference and would greatly appreciate your support. Please consider donating here and sharing our work with your family, friends, and colleagues.


We are committed to ensuring access for any student who wants to be a part of this high school experience. To ensure that we can continue to extend Universal Hospitality, we participate in alternative economic systems, including our Patreon account. Please consider joining as Patrons of our work and be ready for some amazing art, content and live access to our community. 


We are so excited to begin to build the next entering class of students. Social media posts, print ads, and podcasts help us find our students, but the most powerful enrollment tool is word of mouth, so if you know someone with an 8th grader or a high school student who is looking for a place where they can shape their future, be cared for as an individual, and have a high school experience that is focused on them, please tell them about us and direct them to our applications

We have students who used to count down the days to the weekend, who now count down the days to the school week, and who are seeing possible futures for themselves that they hadn’t ever envisioned. We can’t wait to meet the students who will join our community for the 2020-2021 school year.

It has been such an honor to see the reality of City of Bridges exceed the vision. As 2019 comes to an end, please consider supporting us in any ways that work for you.

Be Well,


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