The Bridge 3.3

The Bridge 3.3


Time flies when you are having fun. City of Bridges is now a month and a half into the school year. We have completed our first block, our first expedition week and now are moving rapidly through our first round of job shadowing, independent projects and internships. 

City of Bridges Expedition Weeks are opportunities for us to dig deeply into a topic, question or experience. There are three each school year, driven by student interest and goals.  Our first expedition week was an extension of our ongoing human centered design project exploring our local food systems.

We spent the week at various components of the regional food system, Blackberry Meadows FarmPenn’s Corner412 Food RescueThe East End Coop, The Braddock Urban Farm, Jimmy and Nino Sunseri’s and on a walking tour of the Strip District. Along the way we gathered important information, reflections and impressions and now have begun the process of examining our data, creating categories and developing new questions to ask!

Block 2

If you have been reading about or involved with City of Bridges, you know that one of our central beliefs is that human beings learn best by doing. One of the ways we manifest that belief is by giving our students the opportunity to have professionals outside the field of education as their teachers. This month we are excited to be joined by Dr. Patrick Cooper and Sabrina Haskell.  Sabrina is a game designer and is working with the students to understand the principles of game design through the development of a board game. Patrick is a physics professor at Duquesne University, he is working with the students to explore the engineering and physics of our school building. 

Internships, Job Shadowing and Independent Projects

Another way that City of Bridges students learn by doing is through internships, job shadowing and independent projects. This month we have begun our first round, our students are spending time with politicians, veterinarians, musicians, theater directors, teachers, bakers, business owners, chefs, and non-profit environmental educators. Some students are working on independent projects: preparing to write a novel or learning music production. All students are exploring their possible futures the best way they can, but actually experiencing those futures. 

Looking Forward!

The 2019-2020 school year is well underway and although it seems far away, it is time to begin to plan for the 2020-2021 school year!  Our applications have opened for next school year and you can find them here.

City of Bridges open houses are an opportunity for students and parents to see what it is like to be a member of this learning community. They will be held on:

Thursday October 31st 11:00-1:30-A Collaborative Open House will give students the opportunity to participate in our curriculum alongside our students. 

Wednesday November 13th 6:00-7:30-An Open house for parents and students to learn about the City of Bridges High School experience. 

Monday December 9th 1:30-3:30– A Collaborative Open House will give students the opportunity to participate in our curriculum alongside our students.

Stay tuned for winter and spring dates for Collaborative Open Houses and Open Houses.


City of Bridges is a small non-profit independent school committed to making meaningful education available to any young person who desires it. Please consider supporting our work. You can donate here or reach out to me for more information.

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