The Bridge 2.18

The Bridge 2.18


Workshops, design sessions and development of City of Bridges have been rolling along and we wanted to share exciting news and thoughts on the power of project-based learning.

First, the City of Pittsburgh zoning board has approved the use of our space as a school, so now the fourth floor of 1212 East Carson Street is not just a school, it is our school!

Second, we are excited to welcome Dr. Adam Lobel to City of Bridges on the 27th of March from 7:00 to 9:00pm. He will be giving a talk entitled “Secular Education, Spirituality, and Living Philosophy.” Adam has a PhD from Harvard University and a M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School, is a Buddhist minister and a scholar of philosophy and religion, and has served as a senior meditation teacher (Acharya) in the Shambhala tradition for many years. Adam is also one of the experts who will be working with our students in the next school year. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP by following this link

Third, check out and share our article in NextPittsburgh and our spot on KDKA.

Fourth, we are actively enrolling students for City of Bridges and look forward to filling our trailblazing group for the fall. The most effective way to find those students is through word of mouth, so please share City of Bridges with your friends and neighbors.

We held Open Planning days in February and early March, and will be holding more in the future. This past Saturday we had a group of enrolled and potential students working with educators on the project-based curriculum design process. The students collaborated to design projects around Norse Mythology, Pigeon Breeding, and a Feral Cat Neuter and Spay program. Although these projects were just examples to work with the process, it illuminated the power of this type of learning. 

This type of project-based learning requires people to work not only with individual content, but also with the impact that various areas of content have on each other.  A Pigeon Breeding program requires an understanding of genetics, engineering, zoology, city code, writing, data base management, economics, and carpentry. In addition, a project such as this will also require, independence, collaboration, problem solving, community engagement, time management, and careful attention to detail.

I can’t promise that we will breed pigeons at City of Bridges, but I can promise that we will work through real projects that are engaging, meaningful, and require us to build knowledge, understanding, and skills that we can and will transfer into life after school. I suspect we will have a fair amount of fun as well.

Be Well-Randy

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