The Bridge 2.15

The Bridge 2.15


I hope this message finds you well. As 2018 draws to a close I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the passage of time. City of Bridges has come so far in a short amount of time. What began as an idea and a need for our community has quickly become a reality. As we continue to prepare to open our doors in the fall, I want to personally thank everyone who has helped make this dream a reality.


Michelle King, Vice-Chairperson of the City of Bridges Board of Directors, and I had the opportunity to sit down with two longtime friends, Dr. Peter Wardrip and Dr. Tyra Good, to talk about education, learning and life. COBHS friend and audio wizard Russ Lloyd recorded our conversation.  We will share it here in the Bridge in the coming weeks.

One of the recurring thoughts that arose was the necessity of taking time and slowing down. Michelle, an eternal fountain of wisdom, said that we are “Learning at the speed of trust.” This phrase captures something that is vitally important about City of Bridges. We are a school and a community that recognizes that we have to take the time to engage with other people in order to understand ourselves, the roles we play in the lives of others, and the roles that others play in our lives. 

Learning takes place when we are able to take the time to explore new ideas and skills, be in community with others around those new ideas and skills, and then reflect on how we can use those ideas and skills to apply to purposeful outcomes. All too often that time is missing, not only in schools but in our society in general.  At City of Bridges we will create, analyze, reflect, do, make, explore, and we will also take the time to be in dialogue with each other and our communities. Learning at the speed of trust.

In these darkest days of the year, I hope you can spend time in dialogue with your friends and neighbors, with your families and your community, and with new friends planting the seeds of ideas and hopes. Soon the days will grow longer and our work at City of Bridges will, like the spring, be a time of new growth.  

Happy Holidays,


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