The Bridge 2.12

The Bridge 2.12




City of Bridges is moving forward, we are in lease negotiations and look forward to sharing the exciting news as soon as we can. In addition, our applications for our pioneers will be available on November 14th! We are excited to formally welcome for the 30 young people who will bring City of Bridges to life beginning next fall. (We have met a lot of them already and they are amazing young people)


We have been holding Design meetings for young people, parents, community members and educators throughout the fall. During these meetings we often ask What Must We Do at City of Bridges and I wanted to share some of the responses:


We must encourage creative problem solving and thinking.


We must build an inclusive, supportive and caring community.


We must Be Good.


We must support educators and grow a school community that values all gifts.


We must always have a justice orientation and be anti-oppression in our work.


I personally am honored to be a part of a community that is thinking deeply about what school must be if we are to bring about a more just and free future. I wanted to thank everyone who has participated in our Design meetings this fall and look forward to everyone’s continued input moving forward.


City of Bridges is focused on a vision for the future. Education needs to look towards the future and City of Bridges has the capacity and freedom to envision schooling to serve the needs of tomorrow. Ted Dintersmith recently released his highly regarded examination of schools and the need for a new vision. The table presented in his final reflections is worth reproducing in full.

Century-Old Model A New Vision



Micromanaged Classrooms

Standardized Curriculum


Content and Low-Level Skills

College Ready




Trusted Classrooms

Organic Learning


Essential Skill Sets and Mind-sets

Life Ready

Dintersmith, Ted. What School Could Be. Princeton University Press: Princeton, 2018. P. 216


We are looking forward to bringing this vision to life at City of Bridges. If you want to know more or want to get involved, please reach out,


Be Well,



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