The Bridge 2.11

The Bridge 2.11


Hello and welcome to issue 2.11 of The Bridge!


We have been holding our design meetings with both parents and potential students and, as always, the wisdom of the community is boundless!


Last night we had a design session with a number of students. We were joined by one of our good friends and collaborators Kim Moses from Better Every Day. The group used Design Thinking to begin the process of developing questions to guide our work.


The design questions developed by the students were insightful, inspiring, and essential to our work.  Here are a few examples:

How might we design a high school that lets students be free and safe and supported?


How might we design a high school that both supports students in exploring their passions and exposes them to a broad base of learning?


How might we design a high school that gets kids out of their bubble?


How might we design a high school where students can explore what is important to us and we are pushed to rise to the occasion?


How might we design a high school where everything has a purpose?


It is this last question that I want to speak to a little more in this issue of The Bridge. Ultimately, I think we all hope that everything we do should have a purpose, but we also recognize that we end up doing some things, maybe many things, because that is the way things are done, as opposed to because there is a distinct purpose.


School certainly fits into that category, schools often look and feel like a school because they resembles what school has been for the past hundred years. City of Bridges is striving to capture the imagination of our community in envisioning what school could and should be. Hopefully it will be a place where everything always has a purpose.


The work of building anything, a brick bread oven, a novel, a software program, or a high school, is complex work and the kind of work where you learn throughout the process of building. You learn from the ideas that arise and your dialogue with others. You learn from your successful prototypes and you learn from your mistakes. The complex work of building something changes your perspective and opens new doors. This is the type of doingthat we value at City of Bridges. I want to say Thank You to everyone who has joined us in this work this far and to invite anyone else who wants to be part of the adventure to join the conversation.


So, Thank you and Be Well,



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