The Bridge 2.9

The Bridge 2.9




Now that the school year is underway, City of Bridges is involved in a lot of exciting and productive work on our path to opening in the fall. We are in ongoing negotiations about a facility and hope to have an announcement soon!


City of Bridges is committed to an open and collaborative design process, and we have begun to hold our design meetings for parents/guardians and separate meetings for students. The first parent/guardian meeting was last week and we worked through the challenges of schooling and what City of Bridges must be in order to overcome those challenges.


Here are some examples of the statements we developed:


How might we Design a School that….


… honors both self-expression and community?

…engages the whole child to be curious, civically engaged, self-actualized and present?

…allows students to follow their passions?

….provides integrated and interconnected ways of meaningful learning?


We also sorted the importance of components of the school:

The next parent/guardian design meeting this month is full, please reach out if you want to be a part of our October meetings,


Our design meetings would be enough for one Bridge, but this week we are spending some time working with teenagers on a number of community embedded projects. We completed a public art mosaic in Confluence, Pennsylvania:




We worked with an amazing Practitioner-Educator, Jody Best, in her blacksmith shop.


City of Bridges High School believes that we all learn best by doing: doing design and doing real work. If you want to be a part of this community, reach out, say hello and let us know who you are:


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