The Bridge 2.1

The Bridge 2.1-The Second Season


I am excited to kick off the second volume of the Bridge! City of Bridges has been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for this year so that we can open in the Fall of 2019.


City of Bridges exists to support young people in realizing their dreams and making the world a measurable more just,  innovative and joyful place. Therefore the voices of young people are necessary to help us design and develop City of Bridges. We are working on a number of ways for this to happen and we will be sharing news about them in the coming weeks.

A Home and an Office

We have also made great strides in identifying a home for City of Bridges. I will keep you posted as this process moves forward!

City of Bridges now has an office where we can meet, collaborate and plan for the opening in August 2019.

Our offices are at The Union Project, 801 North Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

I will be announcing office hours soon, so that you can stop in to say hello and learn more about City of Bridges.

If you are not familiar with the Union Project, they are an incredible organization, which shares values and a passion for making a positive difference in the world with City of Bridges.

Along those lines, the Union Project holds monthly Creative Conversations which ask the powerful question, “What if Pittsburgh could be an example of how to generate change?”

The next Creative Conversation is tomorrow, Wednesday July 11th, from 6:30-8:00. The conversations are free, but space is limited and there are only a few spots left. The next Creative Conversation is Monday August 13th. If you are interested follow this link: www.union

The Union Project also offers Ceramics Classes for people of all ages in their Ceramics studio, information can be found on their website:


In case you are new to City of Bridges, I wanted to share some of our big ideas with you:

Our Values

 Real-Work-Lived-Experience: Students will explore the application of knowledge and skills to real work learning through community-embedded problem-based learning.

 Trust in Human Dignity: Human beings possess an inherent dignity, worthiness, and awareness that is essential to our nature. The school recognizes that nurturing this basic goodness in students not only enriches their individual lives, but provides the confidence which makes world transformation and an enlightened society possible.

Peace and Justice: In this time of social turmoil and divisiveness we need a school that is explicit in its intention: the establishment and support of a compassionate, enlightened, and just human society. Toward this goal the lens of justice and peace will always guide the work of the school.

Our Mission

 City of Bridges High School is a progressive, holistic, 9th -12th grade high school which believes that school should be transformational for the students, the community, and the world. It is the mission of the City of Bridges High School to graduate confident young adults who comprehend their own human dignity and inherent worth; who are prepared to assert their agency in the world; who have the lived-experience, knowledge, and skills to find and follow their passions; and who are dedicated to living with the empathy, compassion, and joy necessary to positively affect society and remake a measurably more  just and peaceful world.

 Our Design Elements

 Personalized and Integrated Curriculum:Students will have the opportunity to both explore their interests and to engage with comprehensive cross-curricular content and experiences. Students will graduate from City of Bridges with demonstrated capacity in their current areas of interest, and an understanding of the educational and community processes for exploring and practicing future interests.

 Real Work Learning:Students will apply their knowledge and skills through real work project and problem-based learning.  Students will be taught by educators and by professional practitioners.

Student Agency and Governance: Students will build personal and collective agency through full engagement with the school’s governance and development, including student membership in all school committees, positions on the Board of Trustees, and an ongoing dialogue based in kindness and courage.

Community: Students will provide service to their school and external communities, and members of the community-at-large will share their experience and knowledge with students. The curriculum will build to year-long collaborative projects that both serve community needs and support meaningful application of knowledge and skills.

Next time I am going to share some thoughts on one of the essential components of City of Bridges that we have been working hard on turning from obvious statement to practical program design:

We all learn best by doing real work.

As always, please share City of Bridges with others and if you have questions, let me know:

Thank you and Be Well,


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