The Bridge 1.3

The Bridge 1.3


Sunday October 8, 2017


City of Bridges High School is moving along, I have had the opportunity to visit a couple of potential sites in the past week! A core element of City of Bridges is engagement with the community, so our location will help us to shape our experience.


I have few thoughts to share with you this week.


  1. What happens after high school? A successful high school experience is not the goal of high school, a successful high school experience provides young people with the knowledge, skills and wisdom to follow their passions and their interests to make a meaningful life for themselves and for others. Last year LinkedIn analyzed their data and found that the rate of job hopping has increased dramatically. Schooling needs to support young people in their experience of creating a path. If you know how to create one path, then you are able to create another.


  1. What happens to a closed school? In 2012, the Johnson Elementary School in Wilkinsburg closed its doors and the building has sat empty. Recently, the school was purchased by a group of dedicated and passionate people who are working to open The Community Forge. They are “working to transform the Johnston Elementary School into a community space for opportunities in Wilkinsburg.” Their vision and passion are inspiring and we look forward to watching their project develop, take a look at to follow their progress.



  1. What happens when students and teachers create the learning together? We have been reading this article Mind/Shift about equal footing for teachers and students in the classroom. It is our goal to support students in their agency to take charge of their learning and their lives. The teacher profiled in the article, Scott Henstrand, describes the role of the teacher, “It’s about being present with the students, being passionate about the same questions, and working together to learn something and build a narrative.”


  1. What happens when the moon blocks out the sun? This year we visited Maryville, Tennessee to witness the Total Eclipse and it was genuinely ineffable. NASA has published some spectacular pictures and we have some spectacular memories. The next total eclipse of the sun visible from North America will be on Monday, April 8th, 2024 and the shores of Lake Erie will have nearly four minutes of totality, as you can see on this map. I would like to propose now that City of Bridges takes an all community field trip to see the eclipse. I’ll send out some more information in five years or so.



  1. What happens when you major in English but love sandwiches? We have been thinking about the paths that people take in their lives (we are working on a project around this topic….stay tuned). In our meal planning, we were reminded of a friend of ours from college, Tyler Kord. Tyler was an English major, a musician and an all around good guy. After college, Tyler went on to become a chef and wrote a delightful cookbook entitled, “A Super Upsetting Cookbook about Sandwiches,” you can read about it here.


Thanks for following along on this journey! I have three requests for you this week.


  1. Please share City of Bridges High School with someone who you think might be interested, have them sign up for The Bridge at
  2. Please share a kind word with someone who needs it.
  3. Please read an interesting book or article.


As always if you have questions, or comments feel free to reach out to


Thank you and Be Well,



2 Replies to “The Bridge 1.3”

  1. Randy, Cape Cod and Florida are long ways from Pittsburgh but we look forward to following your endeavor. The youngsters of Pittsburgh are fortunate to have both you and Paige providing them with wonderful opportunities for learning.
    Best of luck.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you Peter. We are honored to have supporters across the country and hopefully we will bring some students to both the Cape and Florida at some point!
      Thank you,

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