The Bridge 1.1

 The Bridge

 Number #1-September 24, 2017

Welcome to The Bridge! If you are wondering to yourself, “what is The Bridge?”

The Bridge is the newsletter of City of Bridges High School. As this high school gets off the ground, The Bridge is a way to share our progress, share our passions and share information about groups and people who exemplify our views about schooling, society and Western Pennsylvania. We hope you will read The Bridge, share the Bridge and share City of Bridges High School.


City of Bridges High School is a new progressive high school in Pittsburgh. We are working on opening our doors fall of 2018 to a select group of pioneering families and students who want to be part of creating something new, a school that transforms the lives of students, communities and the world. City of Bridges is a project of public, charter and private school educators who have spent decades in education. We have found that schools have been taken over by standardized tests and the companies that profit from those tests. Schools have lost the connection to students lived-experience through project and problem based learning. We envision a school where students are able to explore their interests and their agency through expansive curriculum and student agency and self-actualized learning.

At the end of the day, City of Bridges High School is a school for real students who are growing into their experience of being real people in a real world. We look forward to talking with you about our vision and our school, if you have not already signed up for this email please take a look at or by emailing me and


We have two inspiration to share this week!

Number 1: We had the opportunity to visit and bask in the generosity of The Stone Independent School in Lancaster Pennsylvania, The Stone Independent School is a Progressive school which opened four weeks ago and their journey and mission are in the same progressive fishbowl as ours, so please give them a look to learn more about our peers in this work.

We also continued to be inspired by the Youth Initiative High School in Viroqua Wisconsin,  Youth Initiative is a more seasoned school and they continue to inspire and provide models for success. They have recently posted a video about their meditation practices: you can check it out here:

Our inspiration comes from our communities and from the schools that exemplify our vision and mission. We are working to build a network of schools that honor and support a holistic vision for schools and society. Take a look at Stone Independent, Youth Initiative and the Putney School, to get an idea of our friends in this endeavor.

Number 2: Gregg Behr, Executive Director of the Grable Foundation and Mary Murrin, Social Investment Team Lead at Chevron posted the following post in their roles as co-chairs of Remake Learning: In this post Gregg and Mary provide a thoughtful and articulate exploration of our needs as educators, community members and human beings. In their article they say:

“But here’s what we can do: We can listen to and love our neighbors. We can work alongside one another toward justice and a better world. Affirming the well-being of all will be a monumental task — one that requires a sustained, collaborative effort that pays special attention to those whose voices have long gone unheard.”

City of Bridges is here to listen to and love our neighbors. We are here to listen to and Love our students.  At the end of the day our work, is the work of Love and we look forward to having you as partners on our journey.

Because we appreciate joy and hope, lets end with a video on 100 years of Waldorf Education here!

Thank you and Be Well,


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